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JOON Ltd: Design

We can design websites, web apps or assets for your on-line presence. Send us a brief and we’ll guide you through the multiple solutions and we'll help you choose the right tool for your marketing strategy. 

JOON Ltd: Develop

We can develop winning solutions that transform your ideas into reality. For more than 10 years we've been working with some of the latest technologies and no project or back-end integration is too big or too small for us.

JOON Ltd: Deliver

Once your idea is developed, we can help you to deliver it on the web. Servers customization, cloud computing or 3rd party integration, you name it, we’ll make sure your project is performing and we’ll help keep track of it.


JOON Ltd: Web Design UX/UI
The UX/UI tools of the craft

Our UX/UI experts will be glad to analyse and design for your customers the best and most understandable digital experience of your products.


JOON Ltd: Front End Dev
Front end development skills

Front end technologies evolve constantly and our front end developers are able to take advantage of them in order to create simple, robust and performing solutions. We are able to work with HTML5, JS/JQuery, React.js and AngularJS (to name few) in order to create slick and fast web apps.

JOON Ltd: Drupal CMS Experts
We are DRUPAL CMS experts

We've been building Drupal sites for all size of companies from SME to Corporations. Our knowledge of Drupal 7 & 8 is deep and allows us to use it to create sophisticated and scalable solutions and integrate or deploy third APIs, services and work on theming, site building or back-end integration.

JOON Ltd : Iot for Industry 4.0
Internet of Things & Industry4.0

Internet of Things is a big development in the industry 4.0. We are capable of design and develop solutions to bring all your devices connected to share and organize all the information, anytime anywhere. 

Visit Our dedicated site for JOON's Products for the Industry 4.0.

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JOON Ltd: Giorgio CavassiGiorgio Cavassi Business Development
JOON Ltd: Andrea NonniAndrea Nonni CEO - Web Development
JOON Ltd: Roberta NonniRoberta Nonni Strategies & Finance
JOON Ltd: Giovanni MirandaGiovanni MirandaUX/UI & Production

JOON, diminutive of Juniper, is a new digital flair of the web.

JOON is a fresh web company, based in London’s tech city. We work for customers in the fields of services, manufacturing, design, art and music.

JOON has lots of talented resources in UX/UI, Front and Back End development and Web Design. We have the skills to provide solid, fast and reliable digital products for our customers in order to maximize their profit while streamlining the procedures. 


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6-8, Bonhill Street, London EC2A 4BX

Registered Company : 8511188